Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2010 Calender

Ok so i am a big fan of Heidi Swapp and last week i watched her webcast recording Heidi Swap webcast about glimmer mist. Heidi has just designed some new glimmer mist colours which are coming out at CHA in Anaheim. Well i have got a couple of glimmer mist and not really known what to do with them. So after i watched the webcast i hopped over to houseof3 and download some digi calenders.

All i did next was to print them out on to white card and glimmer away. there are loads of videos on You Tube if you are not sure wot to do. I may later on do a little video on how to use them.
So here is my Glimmer mist 2010 calender

So these photos dont do the glimmer mist or my calender any justice the glimmer on it looks so kool when you see it in person.
I will be using a lot more of Glimmer mist from now on and will be trying new techniques.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Hello Twenty Ten

Hello twenty ten I can't believe how fast 2009 has gone so much has happened in just a year.I split up with my boyfriend of 4 years I meet someone else who i never thought i would be with (long story will tell you sometime) Have moved out of home and into a flat with my boyfriend. I became Auntie Melly for the first time i did not know how kool it was going to be until the little guy turned up. I have never known so much love for one little guy i love him so much.

So this year i have decided that i really want to try and keep a blog. I have had a blog before but i woz not very good at keeping it up to date but i have decided that i want to document this year and i thought this is the best way.
I dont really make resoulutions but this year i have decided that i need to get myself fit. Also i want to start doing more art/craft so i can sell it. I also fancy getting on a design team as well so if you see any coming up let us know.

December was a very busy month for me as me and my boyfriend Shaun moved into are new flat. We have decorated the bedroom, lounge and bathroom before we moved in but still have the hall and kitchen to do. Will be posting some before and after pictures so watch out for that. It's only up the road from my mum and dad which is good. My sister Em and husband George and baby Archie moved into there new house as well. They just live round the corner so i will be able to walk there and have lunch.

Archie is only 4 months old and i cant believe how fast he is growing you are going to be seeing loads of photos of my little man. He had more pressents then anyone at Christmas we had to keep moving his toys as they were all over the floor.

Well i hope you will be sticking around for more blog posts from me :-)