Monday, 20 June 2011

Artsy Craft Weekend

Well i am now back from a great weekend of crafting. I had a great time creating three kool projects. When i booked all i knew was the we will be using the Fresco Finish paints. So it was a surpise when i got there and saw the three projects we were making.

The next couple of photos are the samples they had layed out for us to see.

 On the first day we work on the long board. They had coloured tables set out so you could pick which colour you liked. For this i choose the blue colours as i am doing my studio up in those colours. 

    This is a picture of my board in progress

I finished my board before lunch so i decided to buy a small board and make my Dad a present for Fathers day which was the next day. I did not take a picture of it but i will post one when i have.

The next project after lunch was the three little glass jars i must admit that at first i was not sure if i liked them but they are really easy to make. The fresco finish paint goes on really well but i think if i did them again i would put a glaze or something on top so it does not chip. I decided to do these for my mum so i did them in green.

So that was it for the first day and i was tired by the time we got to the caravan. So i just put my pj's on and just chilled out

I was up bright and early for the Sunday and i was excited as we were using moulds and plaster. I have never done this before so it was something new to learn.

Here is Lendra holding you the projected

   and here is Linda about to do a demo for us.
We all worked hard all morning because we had to get the plaster down beofre lunch so it could dry. I did not take picture of this project but will post the finshed one. I chosse to do mine in brown but it turn out a more purple colour. Will post pictures so you can see

All i can say is that i had a great weekend with Lendra and Linda. I got to meet some really nice people and i would go again in the future.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


I am getting really excited about this weekend as i am off to Warrington to Daresbury Park Hotel/conference place. This will be my second time going to an Artsy craft weekend which is run by the lovely Linda from LB Crafts and Lendra  from Paperartsy. This time the weekend will be based around Lendra's new paint line Fresco Finish. I love using all different paints so can't way to see what this will be like. I will do a post when i get back and will have some photos as well.