Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy Birthday Jenny

Wish I had wings so I could come and be with you today to celebrate your 34th birthday with you. But I know u are looking down on me while I celebrate your life. I think of you every day and will never stop loving u. Happy Birthday Jenny xxx 

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town

I just love listening to Christmas music don't u?? I put it on at the begin of December till the end of the month. Last year I got Michael Buble Christmas album and this year I got Now Christmas with all the old fav songs on.

I am glad to say that I have now done all my Christmas shopping and have even wrapped it. This bit I must admit I hate doing and would gladly get someone else to do it.

This year like every year Em and G are coming with the boys they stay Christmas night and go home after Boxing Day. Christmas is so much better now with the boys. Archie is at that age were he knows more and is very excited about Santa coming. We have now started to bake on Christmas ready for Santa to come and try are yummy food we have made for him but we must not forget Rudolph he gets a carrot.

Anyway I don't know if people really read my blog but if you do I want to wish u and your family a very Happy Christmas have a great day xx

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Ok so this is take two as the first post did not save for some reason. Maybe blogger is angry as i have not blogged since october. I am so bad as i really wanted to try and keep up with it this year.

As you can tell i have missed November in my Art Journal Calender. I have got the background colour down but nothing more then that really. I really need to go back and catch up on it. You will be happy to know that December is done and i have all ready started to fill it in. I decided to go with green and red as my colour scheme.

 I used a Holly background stamp from the Dylusions range which are amazing. There is stamps, stencils, inks and now even a journal in the range. All this is made by ranger but it is designed by my amazing friend Dyan Reaveley at Art from the heart If you have not had a look at these products yes you must. You will be addicted to them right away.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Scrapbook Remix

Look what i have signed up for, which started today 

Yes the amazing Shimelle is doing enough online work shop. This one is about remixing you old scrapbook paper with new stuff and i can tell you this i have got loads of old paper. I cant wait to get stuck in and see what comes out of this class. Will hopefully be posting some Lay outs which i do, so keep a look out for that

Thursday, 4 October 2012

October Calendar Journal Page

Wow can you believe October is here all ready. It only seems two mins since i last did September, but saying that i was running behind on last months. 

So as it is the month for Halloween i decided to go with Orange black and a bit of purple in my colour which i think all go together great. The banner and paper are from a Digital download from rhonna which i got last year. The scary people are from Stampotique range which i am now addicted to thanxs to Kate Crane who is on there design team. So everytime i see her she has more stamps to show use.

This Saturday i am off to Art From The Heart for there pre-veiw day. In which they show off all the up coming classes and if you book on the day you get 10% off. Also the Great Northern Paper craft show is on at the Show ground so might have to pop in there.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Drawing Faces

Today i had the pleasure of spend it at Art From The Heart With the great Kate Crane. I was meant to take the first drawing class but had to cancel so when it came up again i sign up right away.
We played a game were you draw a bit of the persons body then fold it over and pass it on. This was really fun and some of the drawings looked good at the end. Then we tried drawing with are no denouement hand which mine is my left hand and we had to draw the person next to use. I had the pleasure with drawing Michelle but it did not come out to well.

So here is my attempt at drawing a face/body. I decided to go normal and added hair as some people did not have any and others but rabbit ears on. I need to add a quote or writing to it before it is a fininshed page tho.

As you may guess when you go to Art From The Heart you alway end up buying something, well i do anyway lol So here are some photos of what i came home with.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

You are my Sunshine

Today we are going to be remembering my big sister Jenny who died of Leukema 32 years ago. She was only eighteen months old when she got this horrible disease and she battled it so bravely. It took her life on the 27/8/1980 at the age of two . She was a very happy little girl and she always smiled loads. I wanted to do something for my Mum and Dad so I decided to create a Layout using one of the songs Mum used to sing to her (You are my Sunshine)
I now leave you with a few amazing pictures of my sister


Saturday, 11 August 2012

Art Journal Calender

Just a quick post today to show my August Calendar page. I am a little bad at getting the calendars ready on time for the next month but i have just finished this months page just as we are starting August.

You will be happy to know tho i have all ready started the back ground for next month.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Art Journal Calendar

Last year i had the pleasure of going to Art from the heart for the day. The class that i was taking was with the amazing Kate Crane. I like Kate because she explains things and all her work is colourful and bright but without the messy look. Anyway back to the class which was Art Journaling Calendar, you are probably thinking to yourself what does that involve. Well its basically doing an Art journal page and then adding a Monthly Calendar on top. After Doing my first month i loved it and thought it was a good idea so now i am in my eight month and am still loving it even tho i do miss a few days here and there. With the Calendar tho you don't have to write loads you can just say you had a nice cup of coffee or chocolate today . So you don't have to go into big details.

Here are my seven months so far. Just got to add the finishing touches to this month and then i will post it.

By the way Kate Crane still teaches this class at Art from the heart so go and check on there site to see if its there. Also go and check Kate Crane out on her blog. P.S She has got to Amazing dvds out which i recommend you go and buys

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Wiseman Family

So this past weekend i went up to Wigan to spend two days with the Wiseman Family. This consists
of Kirsty, Mark, Ellie and doggy Eddie.
I was really looking forward to going as Kirsty is the most amazing person. She's kind, caring and just all round amazing.

We went out for tea just to a little pub and we got a little lost on the way there and way back which was a little funny. Me and Kirsty shares a plate of food as we were both not really that hungry.
Had to take this pic of Kirsty spilling a bit of food down her top.

I don't know if people know but Kirsty is an amazing Photographer. In July last year for my birthday Kirsty drove to mine and she taught me how to use my camera in manual and we just had a great day. Any way Saturday night Kirsty showed me some tricks with sparklers which woz really kool

Here is Kirsty's heart about mine below looks more like two kidneys then a heart lol

Kirsty showed me how to write your name but as i went to do mine my battery decided to dye.

Ellie was so kind and gave her bed up for me. So when i went to put my things in her room look what woz waiting for me on the desk. Yes a little bag of chocolate and some soap. Now thats what you call hospitality.
Oh Kirsty is also an amazing crafter as well as a photographer and has worked with loads of craft magazines. Kirsty has also been on QVC which she did an amazing job if i don't say so myself.

Well Kirsty has got an amazing craft room which used to be her garage and i got to go and play in it. I did not know were to look as she has some kool stuff.

Kirsty woz so generous and gave me loads to come home with. 

The tags above which i woz given are now stored in a little wooded book with a couple of other tags and bits i have.
A few other bits that i came home with

Kirsty had these amazing vintage alphabet letters which she woz selling and as soon as i seen them i knew i had to have them. I can't wait to use them in some projects.

The last picture is of the canvas i start with Kirsty. When i got home i added the black circles on the back to make it a bit more dramatic

I just want to say i had an amazing weekend with the Wiseman Family and i can't wait till i get invited to go again

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Be My Valentine

So I am still on my own so no big romantic dinner or roses for me this year:-( but my cousin's are over and i thought it would be nice to decorate the dinning room up. Mum decided she would do use a nice dinner and Jazz decided she would make her white chocolate and raspberry cheese cake yum yum.

Ok so first thing i want to show is this banner which i have hung above the dinning room window.

I have to say that i did not come up with the ideas for these banners. I took a online class with Margie Romney Aslett and she showed us how to make them.

As you can see from the photo there is two banners and then in the middle is a ring which i covered with pink thread. The top banner is made from loads of small cupcake holders these are in different colours Pink, White, black/pick and i added a few dollies as well.  I then punched out a hole in the middle so i could thread them all together. Every so often i added some red ribbon to break the cupcake holders up.
With the bottom banner i punched a load of different size punches and in different colours. Then i thread them though the sewing machine leaving a little gap after each one and left a bit of thread each end so they could hang.

Next come my table decoration. I made three different size lolly popstick and decorated them with Love theme. I then found an empty bucket and stuck them in. To make it look more pretty i added some star like stuff i had.

A Closer look at the Lolly sticks
I have a couple of different size jars which i filled with sweet and added ribbon to the top.

I love looking on Pinterest and cam a cross these cut Marshmallow sticks which i thought would be a great idea for my nephews. We have to be careful of what Henry eats as he has to have  dairy and wheat stuff. So these treats are great for him. I bet you are thinking but Chocolate is Dairy and yes it is but we have a little shop in are village that sells dairy free which is great.

All these are made from is Marshmallow put on a stick then dipped into melted chocolate and then dipped again in sprinkles. They make a cute little gift for parties.

As you can see from the picture below Archie enjoyed eating them as we made them

With the leftover chocolate i made the boys some cornflake cakes which went down well.