Saturday, 22 September 2012

Drawing Faces

Today i had the pleasure of spend it at Art From The Heart With the great Kate Crane. I was meant to take the first drawing class but had to cancel so when it came up again i sign up right away.
We played a game were you draw a bit of the persons body then fold it over and pass it on. This was really fun and some of the drawings looked good at the end. Then we tried drawing with are no denouement hand which mine is my left hand and we had to draw the person next to use. I had the pleasure with drawing Michelle but it did not come out to well.

So here is my attempt at drawing a face/body. I decided to go normal and added hair as some people did not have any and others but rabbit ears on. I need to add a quote or writing to it before it is a fininshed page tho.

As you may guess when you go to Art From The Heart you alway end up buying something, well i do anyway lol So here are some photos of what i came home with.

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