Saturday, 19 April 2014


Just a quick post to show these Lo I have just finished. This one i started last weekend but i can't decided if to put some writing on or just leave it as is.
 I still felt crafty when i got home so i made these two pages about the get away.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


This past week i had the great pleasure in spending the weekend with eight women for a crafty weekend.  This was going to be a big thing for me for so many reasons 
1. I did not know anyone part from Kirsty and Rubina.
 2. I was going to be staying away with out my Mum and Dad.
We were the first people to arrive and after we did find it this is the view from the front of the house.

After waiting a bit the lovely Rubina rolled up in Max her red little beetle. After having a look around a picking r rooms i started getting all my craft stuff in the house and i mean i over did it a bit lol The lady who rents the cottage out to us left  a gorgeous victoria sponge for us which went down really well.

On Sat i took a trip with Rubina to Tetbury. She wanted to go to this Indian shop which sold bits of clothes, rugs and other bits from India. Everything in the shop wiz all hand made as well. I ended up buying a little journal and purse. Had to have a little giggle at Rubina on the way back as we had to stop in a lay-by so she could take a picture of oil seed rape field. I then sat in the car taking a picture of her lol
On Sunday Kirsty asked if anyone wanted to go for a walk round the block with her so me and Sarah said yes. Well Kirstys little walk turn out into an adventure.
We ended up following a public walk sign but some how got lost need up having to go through a field of cows which had a bull in scary. Well we walked along the field and the only way to cross wiz this large fallen tree. It felt a bit like the seen in dirty Dancing but we did not stay on it to dance lol
It was sad to have to say good bye to everyone i made some great friends who i hope will be around for life. We talking about doing it again in October so i can't wait.

Here we are making a friendship star.

Sheilagh, Kirsty, Lisa, Rubina, Me, Sarah, Krystle and Jackie