Tuesday, 20 August 2013

4 Today

Its Archie's 4th Birthday today I can still remember when Em and G gave us a Christmas card say Auntie to be. I got it but it took Mum a few mins to realise what it ment. We were aall over the moon and could not wait for him to arrive. Now he is turning 4 and i dont know where these 4 years have gone.He is growing up to be an amazing little boy. He is so clever with his numbers and shapes some of the shapes he comes out with i don't even know.

Here are a few pictures i took of him on his birthday. Coming down the stairs with his birthday balloon. I did not catch him with four things so got five instead.
Archie loves lego and he wanted a number four cake so this is what Em came up with.
i made this banner for him as you can see its based around Lego.
He got so much lego so i was assigned to make this Chima monster. I must admit i do have fun making them.

Friday, 16 August 2013

New Member

Wow has it been 5 months since i last post. Where has the time gone soon we will be thinking about christmas.

So where have i been. Well i have mostly just been at home going out on a few day trips with the family but that is it. We do how ever have a new member to are family Tilly a little cockapoo. Well i say little she has grown so big since we picked here up. Here is a couple of pictures of her.
                                 First time i meet Tilly and decided she should be my little baby
                          The next two pictures of Tillys first day as a member of the family.

 Tilly is now 5 months old and is getting so big. She is now bigger then our other dog Roxy. This is Tilly on here first walk out. She loves going for walks and we have been to Clumber Park a couple of times now and she loves it. There are lots of new smells for her there.

Roxy are other dog who is 5 years old was not really sure at first but now they love each other and are always playing together. Roxy has also started to play with the toys we buy when before she never bothered. You are probably going to see loads more photos of her now and then on here.