Tuesday, 20 August 2013

4 Today

Its Archie's 4th Birthday today I can still remember when Em and G gave us a Christmas card say Auntie to be. I got it but it took Mum a few mins to realise what it ment. We were aall over the moon and could not wait for him to arrive. Now he is turning 4 and i dont know where these 4 years have gone.He is growing up to be an amazing little boy. He is so clever with his numbers and shapes some of the shapes he comes out with i don't even know.

Here are a few pictures i took of him on his birthday. Coming down the stairs with his birthday balloon. I did not catch him with four things so got five instead.
Archie loves lego and he wanted a number four cake so this is what Em came up with.
i made this banner for him as you can see its based around Lego.
He got so much lego so i was assigned to make this Chima monster. I must admit i do have fun making them.

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