Saturday, 5 July 2014

Wicked weekend

This year i decided that i wanted to push myself more and try new things. One of the things that i have always wanted to do was go and see a show at the theatre. So last year i decided to book for me, Mum and Dad to go and see the hit show Wicked in Leeds. I heard it was good but i did not know much about it apart from it being based around the Wizard of Oz. I was blown away by it all it was amazing. The thing i did not know about when i booked them was that the Tour de France was coming to Britain and it would be in Leeds that day. Dad was over the moon as he watches it every year on TV.  The Show was not till Two o'clock but the start of the race was at ten so we got a early train so we could see them set off.
The train was really busy as you could imagine.

Well when we got to the road where they were going to ride along it was all ready full so we walked stood outside starbucks and watched it on the big screen. One person had been there since four am to get a gd seat. The atmosphere was amazing and the crowns where out. We knew when the crowds went by as everyone cheered so load.

The crowd outside Starbucks
           This was in the middle of the Trinty Centre. Did not do any shopping this time just went for lunch which was not nice

After Lunch we head to the Theatre which was not far away. 
I only got these pictures as you where not aloud to take any while the show was on but it was amazing the costumes where out of this world.

                            Can't go anywhere with out taking a Selfie with the two oldies

 After coming home and telling Em and the boys about it we decided we wanted to take the boys to  see Shrek in August.