Wednesday, 29 August 2012

You are my Sunshine

Today we are going to be remembering my big sister Jenny who died of Leukema 32 years ago. She was only eighteen months old when she got this horrible disease and she battled it so bravely. It took her life on the 27/8/1980 at the age of two . She was a very happy little girl and she always smiled loads. I wanted to do something for my Mum and Dad so I decided to create a Layout using one of the songs Mum used to sing to her (You are my Sunshine)
I now leave you with a few amazing pictures of my sister


Saturday, 11 August 2012

Art Journal Calender

Just a quick post today to show my August Calendar page. I am a little bad at getting the calendars ready on time for the next month but i have just finished this months page just as we are starting August.

You will be happy to know tho i have all ready started the back ground for next month.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Art Journal Calendar

Last year i had the pleasure of going to Art from the heart for the day. The class that i was taking was with the amazing Kate Crane. I like Kate because she explains things and all her work is colourful and bright but without the messy look. Anyway back to the class which was Art Journaling Calendar, you are probably thinking to yourself what does that involve. Well its basically doing an Art journal page and then adding a Monthly Calendar on top. After Doing my first month i loved it and thought it was a good idea so now i am in my eight month and am still loving it even tho i do miss a few days here and there. With the Calendar tho you don't have to write loads you can just say you had a nice cup of coffee or chocolate today . So you don't have to go into big details.

Here are my seven months so far. Just got to add the finishing touches to this month and then i will post it.

By the way Kate Crane still teaches this class at Art from the heart so go and check on there site to see if its there. Also go and check Kate Crane out on her blog. P.S She has got to Amazing dvds out which i recommend you go and buys