Sunday, 22 June 2014

Playing around

So just a quick posted today. As you can see i have been playing about with my Blog and have made a few changes. I have made my own blog banner and would love to know wot you guys think. Is there anything i should add or change. I would take any advise as i want my blog to work for people reading it.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Weekend Away

This past weekend i went away in are caravan with the two oldies and the dogs. We stayed at a caravan site in Clumber Park, Nottingham. This is only up the road from us but when u are there it feels miles away. This weekend was a little test to see how Tilly would cope going away in the caravan and i can say she was really good. She never had any accidents in the caravan and did not do to much barking. She did get out twice but came back really well. Both dogs really enjoyed going for walks and just sitting outside. We were lucky that the weather was ok it did rain but on and off. The only down side was the wifi at the site was down so could not get online and i planned to watch some classes. In the end it turn out ok cos i took my watercolours with me and just played around.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Roxy decided that she wanted Tilly's bone swell.
                                               Tilly trying to eat my snickers bar
         The boys came to help set up on friday and i snapped this when Archie was playing in the park
                          There was so many trees to choose but this is the one i gave a hug too
                Dad thought it would be funny to take a pic of me drying the pots as i never do it at home.
                                                        The girls in there new rain coats
 As i was taking this picture Tilly pulled me on the lead and i tripped so this pic is of the two oldies laughing at me. I could of really hurt myself.
 So on Sunday it was Fathers day. Em G and Boys came in the afternoon for a Barbi and we had fun playing games and going for a walk with Tilly.
On one of are walk's i came across this Fairy crown it was so cool. I would of loved to try it on but there where people around.