Sunday, 9 November 2014

I'm alive

Yes i am alive but things have been so mad around here the past couple of weeks i don't know if I'm coming or going.

 Em and the rest of the Boothman glad had to move in after finding out that her house needed to be re-wired  Well lets just say its been over a month and seven people living in one house is not a gd thing and when the house is not a mansion then u are stuck. Hopefully they will get it all done and be home before christmas. I'm helping out with the boys while everyone else is doing painting and other bits at the house. They also decided to get a new kitchen at the same time and G is putting it in himself so that is taking time as well.

So at Archie's school they are having a christmas fair and Em said that we would make some homemade gifts for them to sell. So i have been trying to think of things i can make. Looking on pinterest for idea's there is so many things on there u could spend ages on there.

i have very little crafting but i did this lo for a challenge on a retreat group
 Im also taking a juliette Crane online class which is full of messy paint and inks. This is a page i did in my art journal. I'm not sure its done yet i think i need to do more on the background but i worry if i touch it i will mess the whole thing up.