Monday, 11 March 2013

Mother's Day

Today in the UK is Mothering Sunday. Which as you can guess is all about the mum's, nannies godmothers in the world. It is a religious thing but i think most people do it so we can show the love to the women in are life.

Today we took Mum and Em out for Sunday lunch which was really nice. Then spent the afternoon just chilling out. Poor Archie has started with a temp so he's just been chilling out and watching Lego on the iPad.

This year i got Mum two Chamilla charms and i did her a layout to showing how she is not just my Mum but also my best friend. I think it turned out really great and she loved it.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Any one there

I'm just taping on the monitor screen to see if anyone is out there. Hello you there lol

Its has been months since i last posted and i feel bad because this year i so wanted to keep up with blogging. I guess i am just bad at it and its not like i can't stop for 30mins to write a post .

So what has been happening in my world since i last posted. Well at the end of January begin of February i was poorly with a really bad virus which really effected me. Thank god i have a really good Dr who has know me since i was little and really help me out.

Then in February Mum and Em both had Big birthdays a week apart from each other. As the best Sister/daughter i got them both a Kitchen aid which they loved. I did tell them i was getting them so they could choose the colour. When we first made some cakes with the boys they loved it and just sat watching it go round. I'm hoping Dad might get the add on bits to make ice cream.
One of Em's friends said she would babysit the boys so we could go out to Celebrate both Birthdays. We all got dressed up and went to the local Chinese. The food was so nice and we all had a great time  and now i cant wait till we go back again.  When Em and George got home and said by to Ems friend George went to check on the boys. He went to see Archie first and he could not find him in his room. Looking under the bed and everything. George was getting a little worried now so then went into there bedroom where Henry is sleeping at the mo (long story) only to find Archie had walked into there room with his blanket and cat and got on the bed and gone to sleep. This is not normal to Archie as he never gets out of bed. When Em told her friend the next day she said she heard something but never went to check. That was the first time Em had let someone babysit not sure she will do it again lol

Ok so on to this month which is going to be a busy one as i am going to Sarah's cards retreat again for the weekend. This will be my third time going and i really enjoy it. Meeting different people learning new things and of course the shopping. I all ready have a list of what i would like to buy, it mostly consists of Amy Tangerines new range Yes Please.

Then the week after the retreat i am going to Art From The Heart for two days to take a class with the amazing Dina Wakley. I cant wait i love Dina and i have taken her classes before and they where amazing. Dina has her own way of stamps and stencils which i love and i am waiting to get her new Silhouette stencils to come in. Also Dina has got a new book out called  Art Journal Freedom which is full of amazing techniques and projects.

Hopefully i will be posting from the retreat and after i get back from Art from the heart so keep watching out for those posts