Tuesday, 18 October 2011

6 Days

Ok so I have not managed to post each day as i have be busy  having so much fun. I can't tell you guys how much i have come away with this week. The projects that we have made have been so amazing.

Lets start off with the first three days which was called Sun, Moon Stars. These are three great mini books all made different and i think they are all amazing. As i was looking for photos to load i realised that i had not taken pictures of all the projects so will have to post them later.

The first class is called Sun and we had to draw things in the mini book what made us happy. This book was made using lolly pop sticks. I did find this class a little hard only because im not a really good drawer.

 Here are two pictures first one is Dina and the second with Dyan wearing there pink moustache. Its was a little funni as Dina wore hers on the weekend and nearly choked to death by the fluff.

 Dina showing us the second album called Moon. Which we put all are fears and bad bits in.

 This is the third mini album called Stars this picture is the front cover but its no where near done.
 Now we come to the weekend and on friday dina was taching us how to make these amaing birds. Here is my birds which i think turn out really well.
 This is the second bird that i did. I still need to work on the background tho.
This was Sundays project were we had to do a drawing and see what we could see in the shapes. Can you see anything in mine??

 All weekend i got to sit by the amazing Ann- Marie we got on so well and she is a lovley person. Hopefully i will see her again at Dyans sometime.

Here is me and Dina on the last day

Me,Dina and Dyan I love this picture and will cherish this picture for ages.
So that was my amazing six days away. i could write so much more but i think i would bore you with everything.
I will post some picture of the projects in more details when i get home.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dina Wakley

In just two days I will be on my way to Art From The Heart in Harrogate for a six day arting event. The lovely and very talented Dina Wakley will be traveling all the way from Arizona in USA. I have taken Dina's class before at Afth and done some online classes as well and have loved them. I am so lookingn forward to learning something new. I knew that the first three days we will be doing three different altered books but I'm not sure what we are doing for the other three so that is a surprise. I will hopefully be able to post when we are there but if not I will do a long post when I get back.