Saturday, 27 June 2015

Planner addiction

The last couple of months i have jumped on the bandwagon and become addicted to planners. I started following Theplannersociety on instagram and the person behind it is Christy Tomlinson. You may not know but Christy has an online shop called Scarlet lime which does mixed media kits and other items. Well Christy started doing Planner kits which you can sub to each month and guess wot i went and sub.

This was my first kit and it was full of good stuff. The papers as exclusive to the kit as well as a set of stickers made by therestgirl who is also a planner addict.

This was last months kit i love the little hexagon stamp we got in this kit and also the bows which i am going to make into paper clip decorations.

Also Chrsity teamed up with Cori aka therestgirl to bring an amazing online workshop. The thing which is good about this class woz they went through all the different planner out there. Also they show you how to decorate you planner from dividers to the calendar pages it self.

After looking a round i decided to order a kikki k planner which is an Australian based company. 

I can not tell you how in love i am with this planner the colour is so rich and its so sturdy so if you have it in you bag i don't think it will get damaged as much.
 i then decided a week later that i wanted to get another one. this time i decided to get a large one this is the dark cherry. I have not yet set it all up yet as i have only just got a hole punch which will work with it.

Will be posting picture of the dividers i have made and how I'm decorating the pages.