Wednesday, 9 September 2015

New Family Member

So we have had Tilly over two years now and she is the most amazing little girl. After Roxy past away i said i wanted to get another dog but as i still live at home it was up to the parents and they said now.
Anyway Em and G have been talking about getting a puppy for a long time and have looked online for a cockapoo like Tilly. Well Em happened to come across a post about some puppies and when she rang up about them it turned out to be the same breeder as where we got Tilly from. At this point i asked if we could get one but it was a no. Em and G went to have a look and feel in Love with a little girl. Over that weekend i bugged Mum and Dad and made posts and put them up everywhere and it worked they agreed to go and have a look. There where no girls left but lots of boys and i feel in love with the little boy with the green collar. So we had to wait two more weeks until we could pick them up.

SO yesterday afternoon we picked up these two little bundles of black fluff. From the left i would like you to meet Winnie who is going to join the Boothman family and on the right Bertie who is joining are family.

The boys had no idea that they where getting a puppy and after school they came round to our to find that i got a new puppy and then the next min another little came round the corner. The boys faces was priceless and they were both over the moon. Its Henrys birthday next week and he has been asking for a dog so its made his day.

We took the puppies into the garden so Tilly could meet them and she was very nervous and would not go near them and was jumping up at them but hopefully they will get used to each other over the next couple of weeks/months.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Birthday Month

Yay its the first of July which means its the start of my birthday month. This birthday i will be turning 30 which is a big one. Im not having a party due to not having many friends and really its not my thing. So my birthday is on the Sunday and we have decided that on the Saturday we will take a trip to Chester Zoo and just chill out on my birthday. I have said i want to get a bounce castle which we can all go on. Im not sure if this will happen but it would be supper fun. I am also going to be meeting up with two of my friends for a day in York which i can't wait for. I love going to York and looking round the shops. You can never beat going down to the shambles and going o the fudge shop which is always on my list when we go.

I have been working on my planner and will have an update on them with pictures tomorrow hopefully.

Last month i got my paints out and worked on some panel boards which i just got. I am taking a class with Mindy lacefield and she talked about how she watched the movie big eyes and it inspired her. After watching the lesson i decided to have ago and this is wot i came up with and i just love her. I can't wait to do another one as i just love how she came out. She is going up in my bedroom when my Dad gets round to putting my picture up.

I leave you with a picture of my baby Tilly

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Planner addiction

The last couple of months i have jumped on the bandwagon and become addicted to planners. I started following Theplannersociety on instagram and the person behind it is Christy Tomlinson. You may not know but Christy has an online shop called Scarlet lime which does mixed media kits and other items. Well Christy started doing Planner kits which you can sub to each month and guess wot i went and sub.

This was my first kit and it was full of good stuff. The papers as exclusive to the kit as well as a set of stickers made by therestgirl who is also a planner addict.

This was last months kit i love the little hexagon stamp we got in this kit and also the bows which i am going to make into paper clip decorations.

Also Chrsity teamed up with Cori aka therestgirl to bring an amazing online workshop. The thing which is good about this class woz they went through all the different planner out there. Also they show you how to decorate you planner from dividers to the calendar pages it self.

After looking a round i decided to order a kikki k planner which is an Australian based company. 

I can not tell you how in love i am with this planner the colour is so rich and its so sturdy so if you have it in you bag i don't think it will get damaged as much.
 i then decided a week later that i wanted to get another one. this time i decided to get a large one this is the dark cherry. I have not yet set it all up yet as i have only just got a hole punch which will work with it.

Will be posting picture of the dividers i have made and how I'm decorating the pages.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Painty weekend

This past weekend i headed up north to Art from the Heart for a painty weekend with the very talented Kate Crane. I just love going to Art from the Heart and getting messy i have made so many nice friends there. Its always a gd place to relax as well and forget about everything

One of the other great things about the weekend was i had the pleasure to stay with the Crane family which was so much fun. This family is so lovely and i can't wait to stay again thats if they will have me lol
                                                  Here are a few photos from the weekend.

I never understand why people want to wear gloves when painting half the fun is getting your hands dirty.
Using one of Dina wakleys face stencils. This page is far from complete it needs journaling adding to it.
One of my favourite pieces from the weekend was this whimsical Fox.
                                                The meals are cooked by Kate and Ali

Some collage journal pages 

                    Don't you just love these tiny match boxes. We all got one each to decorate

i was so inspired when i got home that i made some more pages which i will post in the next couple of days

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hello 2015

Well that year went by so fast and wot a year i had. i think is one of the best year by far as i did so many things. Went to two weekends away with friends, took the tour around harry potter studios which was amazing, meet up with friends at warwick castle and lots more.

This year i am going on craft weekend at Afth which is only next weekend. Then going to a gogo getaway retreat which i have never been to before and then off to the cotswolds for a crafty weekend with friends again. The best bit is in july tho as me, dad and g are going to watch the f1 motor racing at Silverstone. Em got it Dad for his birthday and i said i would like to go as its something i have always wanted to do with my Dad. Yes you probably won't be able to see it all but its about the experience and being in the crowned. We are right near the pit stop as well.
 Also in july i will be turning the big 30 which is a little scary. I'm not sure wot i am doing for it yet as usually we go to York for my birthday but it always rains and i don't know if i want to go and get wet another year.

So wot are your crafting plans for this year?? Well one of the things i want to do is my studio its such a mess and i can't find anything. I'm hoping to get some more work top space but I'm not sure if it will fit yet. I have the varde free standing kitchen range from ikea which i love but they don't have a full range now. I'm just hoping they don't get rid of it all before i get a new unit.

i am taking a lot of classes this year which is great most of the are mixed media stuff but i will probably add a scrapbooking one in there. I still want to do project life but i am still far behind on last year. I am going to try and get that finished or just print the photos out and slot them in. The only thing is i like to embellish it and thats wot takes me so long.