Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hello 2015

Well that year went by so fast and wot a year i had. i think is one of the best year by far as i did so many things. Went to two weekends away with friends, took the tour around harry potter studios which was amazing, meet up with friends at warwick castle and lots more.

This year i am going on craft weekend at Afth which is only next weekend. Then going to a gogo getaway retreat which i have never been to before and then off to the cotswolds for a crafty weekend with friends again. The best bit is in july tho as me, dad and g are going to watch the f1 motor racing at Silverstone. Em got it Dad for his birthday and i said i would like to go as its something i have always wanted to do with my Dad. Yes you probably won't be able to see it all but its about the experience and being in the crowned. We are right near the pit stop as well.
 Also in july i will be turning the big 30 which is a little scary. I'm not sure wot i am doing for it yet as usually we go to York for my birthday but it always rains and i don't know if i want to go and get wet another year.

So wot are your crafting plans for this year?? Well one of the things i want to do is my studio its such a mess and i can't find anything. I'm hoping to get some more work top space but I'm not sure if it will fit yet. I have the varde free standing kitchen range from ikea which i love but they don't have a full range now. I'm just hoping they don't get rid of it all before i get a new unit.

i am taking a lot of classes this year which is great most of the are mixed media stuff but i will probably add a scrapbooking one in there. I still want to do project life but i am still far behind on last year. I am going to try and get that finished or just print the photos out and slot them in. The only thing is i like to embellish it and thats wot takes me so long.

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