Tuesday, 19 July 2011

It's my Birthday

Yay today is my birthday and we ventured out to York. The weather looked a little grey but it was fine when we left Doncaster. We decided to take the train as Archie and Henry had not been on one before and if you don't know my Dad likes trains. Thats why we ended up at the Railway museum. Anyway when we got to York we did end up at the Railway museum as Dad likes trains and so does Archie. Henry is not really at the age yet to like trains but I'm sure he will. We decided that we were going to go for lunch at Pizza express as it is ok for children. Outside the Railway museum they have a road train that takes you just pasted pizza express so we jumped on that (the boys both loved it). So we go into Pizza express and order food and just when it came we looked out the window and the heavens had opened and i mean pouring it down. We waited a little bit but it did not let up. The boys were ok as they sat in there buggy with a rain cover on. Anyway we ended up going into an outdoor store and get umbrellas and rain coats.
Me and Em had sandals on so are feet were wet and it wow horrible. After doing a bit of shopping we headed back to the railway museum for another look round and then got the train home.
We came home and got cleaned up and head round to Em and G's for a take away tea. In all it wow a good day even tho it rained a lot

Monday, 18 July 2011

Photography Sessions

Today the lovely Kirsty Wiseman came round to do a one to one photo session with me. I have been wanting to do it for a while but things just got in the way. I have known Kirsty for a long time now i'm can't remember how we meet tho but she is the most nicest person i have ever meet.
Today woz all about getting out of auto mode and into manual mode. I must admit that i think i picked it up really well only after two hours wow i shooting in manual mode and getting good pictures.

Here are a few picture i took today. The first two pictures tho are wot Kirsty took of me.

I just love this picture of Archie. He kept on wanting to open and close the window .

I don't think i have got the hang of when the swing is moving yet but all i can do is practise and get better at it.

I would decently say to anyone who wants to learn photography to get in contact with Kirsty as she is great at explaining things and she is such a great person.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Studio M

So you probably can tell by my posts that i have a great Mum and Dad who will do anything for me. Well when i got into crafting i took over the little bedroom with my craft stuff but seeing how my stuff woz taking over Mum  decide to let me take over one of the large rooms as my Studio/Study. Anyway when i moved into the room i decorated it all and it looked great. Well it has been a couple of years since then and it wow time to re vamp my studio as i now call it. It is now all finished and i am moved in. Im not joking tho i have moved everything into my bedroom to sort out and i can't believe how much stuff i have got. I am going to have to go and sort it all out which I'm not looking forward to. If anyway wants to come and help you are more then welcome lol.

Anway here are some picture of my new Studio. I hope you all like it as much as i do.

 Can you see woes on the wall in my next photo?? Yes its the two projects i did at the Artsy craft weekend in Warrington. The arch on the right i also did on an Artsy craft weekend but that wow a couple of years ago now.

 My new cricut imagine which i love

 The inspire wow white at first but i decided to paint it so it would stand out a bit.

 Got the print letters when i wow in London. Don't know if you can see but it say Create.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Birthday Month

So my birthday is this month and I'm looking forward to it. Dad and George are off the week of my birthday so we are off out for day trips. I know some presents that i am getting like the new Dina Wakely stamps and a unbind machine which i can't wait to play with. i have also ordered a bag from Donna Downey's site as i can't find them any where in the UK.