Monday, 18 July 2011

Photography Sessions

Today the lovely Kirsty Wiseman came round to do a one to one photo session with me. I have been wanting to do it for a while but things just got in the way. I have known Kirsty for a long time now i'm can't remember how we meet tho but she is the most nicest person i have ever meet.
Today woz all about getting out of auto mode and into manual mode. I must admit that i think i picked it up really well only after two hours wow i shooting in manual mode and getting good pictures.

Here are a few picture i took today. The first two pictures tho are wot Kirsty took of me.

I just love this picture of Archie. He kept on wanting to open and close the window .

I don't think i have got the hang of when the swing is moving yet but all i can do is practise and get better at it.

I would decently say to anyone who wants to learn photography to get in contact with Kirsty as she is great at explaining things and she is such a great person.

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