Friday, 8 July 2011

Studio M

So you probably can tell by my posts that i have a great Mum and Dad who will do anything for me. Well when i got into crafting i took over the little bedroom with my craft stuff but seeing how my stuff woz taking over Mum  decide to let me take over one of the large rooms as my Studio/Study. Anyway when i moved into the room i decorated it all and it looked great. Well it has been a couple of years since then and it wow time to re vamp my studio as i now call it. It is now all finished and i am moved in. Im not joking tho i have moved everything into my bedroom to sort out and i can't believe how much stuff i have got. I am going to have to go and sort it all out which I'm not looking forward to. If anyway wants to come and help you are more then welcome lol.

Anway here are some picture of my new Studio. I hope you all like it as much as i do.

 Can you see woes on the wall in my next photo?? Yes its the two projects i did at the Artsy craft weekend in Warrington. The arch on the right i also did on an Artsy craft weekend but that wow a couple of years ago now.

 My new cricut imagine which i love

 The inspire wow white at first but i decided to paint it so it would stand out a bit.

 Got the print letters when i wow in London. Don't know if you can see but it say Create.

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  1. Sigh...oh how creative I could be in that lovely, organized space! Happy, happy, happy!!!