Sunday, 9 November 2014

I'm alive

Yes i am alive but things have been so mad around here the past couple of weeks i don't know if I'm coming or going.

 Em and the rest of the Boothman glad had to move in after finding out that her house needed to be re-wired  Well lets just say its been over a month and seven people living in one house is not a gd thing and when the house is not a mansion then u are stuck. Hopefully they will get it all done and be home before christmas. I'm helping out with the boys while everyone else is doing painting and other bits at the house. They also decided to get a new kitchen at the same time and G is putting it in himself so that is taking time as well.

So at Archie's school they are having a christmas fair and Em said that we would make some homemade gifts for them to sell. So i have been trying to think of things i can make. Looking on pinterest for idea's there is so many things on there u could spend ages on there.

i have very little crafting but i did this lo for a challenge on a retreat group
 Im also taking a juliette Crane online class which is full of messy paint and inks. This is a page i did in my art journal. I'm not sure its done yet i think i need to do more on the background but i worry if i touch it i will mess the whole thing up.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Wicked weekend

This year i decided that i wanted to push myself more and try new things. One of the things that i have always wanted to do was go and see a show at the theatre. So last year i decided to book for me, Mum and Dad to go and see the hit show Wicked in Leeds. I heard it was good but i did not know much about it apart from it being based around the Wizard of Oz. I was blown away by it all it was amazing. The thing i did not know about when i booked them was that the Tour de France was coming to Britain and it would be in Leeds that day. Dad was over the moon as he watches it every year on TV.  The Show was not till Two o'clock but the start of the race was at ten so we got a early train so we could see them set off.
The train was really busy as you could imagine.

Well when we got to the road where they were going to ride along it was all ready full so we walked stood outside starbucks and watched it on the big screen. One person had been there since four am to get a gd seat. The atmosphere was amazing and the crowns where out. We knew when the crowds went by as everyone cheered so load.

The crowd outside Starbucks
           This was in the middle of the Trinty Centre. Did not do any shopping this time just went for lunch which was not nice

After Lunch we head to the Theatre which was not far away. 
I only got these pictures as you where not aloud to take any while the show was on but it was amazing the costumes where out of this world.

                            Can't go anywhere with out taking a Selfie with the two oldies

 After coming home and telling Em and the boys about it we decided we wanted to take the boys to  see Shrek in August.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Playing around

So just a quick posted today. As you can see i have been playing about with my Blog and have made a few changes. I have made my own blog banner and would love to know wot you guys think. Is there anything i should add or change. I would take any advise as i want my blog to work for people reading it.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Weekend Away

This past weekend i went away in are caravan with the two oldies and the dogs. We stayed at a caravan site in Clumber Park, Nottingham. This is only up the road from us but when u are there it feels miles away. This weekend was a little test to see how Tilly would cope going away in the caravan and i can say she was really good. She never had any accidents in the caravan and did not do to much barking. She did get out twice but came back really well. Both dogs really enjoyed going for walks and just sitting outside. We were lucky that the weather was ok it did rain but on and off. The only down side was the wifi at the site was down so could not get online and i planned to watch some classes. In the end it turn out ok cos i took my watercolours with me and just played around.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Roxy decided that she wanted Tilly's bone swell.
                                               Tilly trying to eat my snickers bar
         The boys came to help set up on friday and i snapped this when Archie was playing in the park
                          There was so many trees to choose but this is the one i gave a hug too
                Dad thought it would be funny to take a pic of me drying the pots as i never do it at home.
                                                        The girls in there new rain coats
 As i was taking this picture Tilly pulled me on the lead and i tripped so this pic is of the two oldies laughing at me. I could of really hurt myself.
 So on Sunday it was Fathers day. Em G and Boys came in the afternoon for a Barbi and we had fun playing games and going for a walk with Tilly.
On one of are walk's i came across this Fairy crown it was so cool. I would of loved to try it on but there where people around.

Thursday, 29 May 2014


Now who does not like ikea. well me when its with Em (sister) as she has to look at everything now don't get me wrong i like looking around but i also like getting what i want and getting out of there. The boys like going but not for the shopping for the food but poor Henny can't have the meat balls as they have wheat in them. 
We have not been for ages so on Sunday we decided to take a trip to the Leeds store. I had a few things in mind of what i wanted to get. I want another Raskog kitchen trolly in Dark grey

but when i went to pick it up they had run out so this is on my list for next time. I added a table to my studio a couple of months ago and used some old legs i had but they did not go so i picked some nice silver ones up. It looks so much bester now. 

I Sub every month to Studio calico kits I get the scrapbooking Kit and the project life kit. I really enjoy getting these as they are products in there that i would never buy myself but i love them. Every month in the kit you get a stamp set which i love but i have never known how to store them until i came across a blog post by Celine Navarro She uses the Godmorgon box which is in the bathroom section. 
So here it is empty 
 And here it is after i have filled it with my Studio Calico stamps and Colour theory ink pads. 
 There is so much room and the bit above the ink pads can come off but it would be great to keep pens in there.

Sunday, 25 May 2014


I have had a pack of Geletos for a bit now but have not really known wot to do with them.
 Then when i was looking on Two peas in a bucket in there class section i saw Wilna Furstenberg Art class 2 which had lots of Geleto techniques. I was really inspired by this class and got the Geletos out to play. The two layout below i used cut files from Wilna's shop iheartstudio.

Now that i was all inspired to use the Geletos i wanted to learn more about wot they could do. So yesterday i went to Art From The Heart for a class with Sandra Hall all about techniques to use with the Geletos. There was so many new things to learn. Like you can use them with or with out Gesso, you can make sprays from them also the one i liked most was mixing it with gel medium. 
 We tried all different techniques out on tags so at the end of the class we got a ring and clipped them together.
 Also a little book we made. I am hoping to do a tutorial on how to make a book like this soon.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Crafty bits

I have been feeling a little crafty at the mo and wiped these layouts out. The photo's on this page below are from a photo shoot i had with kirsty Wiseman last july. I am only just getting round to scarp them.

I Love this one below of Archie going to School on his first day. We could not be more proud of him and he is the youngest in his class.

I have been a little naughty and treated myself to the new Fuji Instax Share printer. The reason why i wanted to get one is because i love my fuji mini camera but sometime i don't have it on me. This printer is ace as you can get the instax phones but using your photos on your phone camera.

 As u can see it prints out really good prints and the good thing is it came with film.
Here is a layout i did about the dogs using the instax's . you will def be seeing more of these on my pages.
 This week i also treated myself to some new stash from Sarahs cards. Most of the order was embellishment as I'm trying to do my project life album. Pictures of that to come.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mac Girl

I have been in love with Apple for the last 6/7 years when i first got a iMac. Last month tho i had to replace it with a second hand one which hand been down up for me. We had a few problems with it but its working great now. Anyway i have been looking at getting a new laptop for a bit now as mine is old and getting slow. The only problem with Mac Book Pro's is that they are really expensive and at the mo i don't have that ind of money and it will take me forever to save up.

 So as u can imagine it was a really big shock when Em and G came home from a shopping trip with this little baby for me.

 Yes a brand new Mac book pro. I was in so much shock i just started to jump for joy. I got it out right away and set it up.
There was no words i could say to Em and G for getting it me. I love them so very and don't know wot i would do with out them. Now I'm search the net for a case.

So now i think i can say i'm a mac girl with a iMac,mac pro, iPad and iPhone 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Cannon Hall Farm

Its bank holiday monday here in the UK today so like most people we are going out for a day. The good thing also about today is it Sunny and if u know the UK u know that most of the time it is dull or raining. Anyway i got invited to go with the Boothmans The Cannon Hall Farm which is a great place i have been once before and it was fun.
As u can imagine it was busy. Em had already decided we would take a picnic with us and it was a good job as the restaurant was packed. We decided to eat before we went into the farm
 1. so we did not have to carry a bag of food round with us
 2. we were all hungry.
I must admit i don't know who enjoyed the day more me or the boys.
                                   I think this guy does not like the dentist very much lol
While the boys went to play in the park i had a wonder round the brans there was about 9 in total file with pigs,cows,sheep and ponies. They had about three barns just full of pigs with there piglets. This litter below i think were born in the last day. There were two really small ones which looked like the rottens of the litter
I loved looking at the baby lambs. I can remember when me and Em were younger we went to farms and got to bottle feed them. I need to find somewhere that do that so the boys can do it.
We did get the chance to store some lambs which the boys loved doing.

This little brown pony was only born this morning.

                                           The boys loved playing in the park
                    Just before we left we had ice lollies to cool us down before we headed home.