Sunday, 25 May 2014


I have had a pack of Geletos for a bit now but have not really known wot to do with them.
 Then when i was looking on Two peas in a bucket in there class section i saw Wilna Furstenberg Art class 2 which had lots of Geleto techniques. I was really inspired by this class and got the Geletos out to play. The two layout below i used cut files from Wilna's shop iheartstudio.

Now that i was all inspired to use the Geletos i wanted to learn more about wot they could do. So yesterday i went to Art From The Heart for a class with Sandra Hall all about techniques to use with the Geletos. There was so many new things to learn. Like you can use them with or with out Gesso, you can make sprays from them also the one i liked most was mixing it with gel medium. 
 We tried all different techniques out on tags so at the end of the class we got a ring and clipped them together.
 Also a little book we made. I am hoping to do a tutorial on how to make a book like this soon.

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