Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mac Girl

I have been in love with Apple for the last 6/7 years when i first got a iMac. Last month tho i had to replace it with a second hand one which hand been down up for me. We had a few problems with it but its working great now. Anyway i have been looking at getting a new laptop for a bit now as mine is old and getting slow. The only problem with Mac Book Pro's is that they are really expensive and at the mo i don't have that ind of money and it will take me forever to save up.

 So as u can imagine it was a really big shock when Em and G came home from a shopping trip with this little baby for me.

 Yes a brand new Mac book pro. I was in so much shock i just started to jump for joy. I got it out right away and set it up.
There was no words i could say to Em and G for getting it me. I love them so very and don't know wot i would do with out them. Now I'm search the net for a case.

So now i think i can say i'm a mac girl with a iMac,mac pro, iPad and iPhone 

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