Monday, 5 May 2014

Cannon Hall Farm

Its bank holiday monday here in the UK today so like most people we are going out for a day. The good thing also about today is it Sunny and if u know the UK u know that most of the time it is dull or raining. Anyway i got invited to go with the Boothmans The Cannon Hall Farm which is a great place i have been once before and it was fun.
As u can imagine it was busy. Em had already decided we would take a picnic with us and it was a good job as the restaurant was packed. We decided to eat before we went into the farm
 1. so we did not have to carry a bag of food round with us
 2. we were all hungry.
I must admit i don't know who enjoyed the day more me or the boys.
                                   I think this guy does not like the dentist very much lol
While the boys went to play in the park i had a wonder round the brans there was about 9 in total file with pigs,cows,sheep and ponies. They had about three barns just full of pigs with there piglets. This litter below i think were born in the last day. There were two really small ones which looked like the rottens of the litter
I loved looking at the baby lambs. I can remember when me and Em were younger we went to farms and got to bottle feed them. I need to find somewhere that do that so the boys can do it.
We did get the chance to store some lambs which the boys loved doing.

This little brown pony was only born this morning.

                                           The boys loved playing in the park
                    Just before we left we had ice lollies to cool us down before we headed home.

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