Sunday, 4 May 2014

Meet Peppa Pig

We are so lucky that we don't live far away from the Yorkshire Wild Life Park. Last year we all got a year pass so we could go anytime. They are in the middle of doing it up and i must say its looking gd so far. We took a trip today as the fames Peppa Pig was going to be there and in are family we have watched many of her shows. Sometime wanting to throwing the dvd out the window.
It was a sunny day so i decided to try my new sunglasses out but two little boys tested them out for me first.

 Mum did not come as her back has been pretty bad at the mo and there is a lot of walking round you have to do.

I was not really impressed with Peppa Pig all she was doing is shacking kids hands and hugging them . it would of been nice if the had a photo area where they could have photos with her. I guess when your young you don't care as long as you see her.

                                         Trying to take a selfie of us all was a bit of fun

 I did not really take loads of pics of the animals this time but here is a cute pic of a monkey you can get really close to them. I stood back when the keeper said they do bit.
 I love seeing new baby animals and there was three new camels. My fave animal has to be the giraffe  i love going to see them and u can get really close to them. On time i never had one licking my hand tried to get dad to take a pic but he missed it.

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