Wednesday, 9 September 2015

New Family Member

So we have had Tilly over two years now and she is the most amazing little girl. After Roxy past away i said i wanted to get another dog but as i still live at home it was up to the parents and they said now.
Anyway Em and G have been talking about getting a puppy for a long time and have looked online for a cockapoo like Tilly. Well Em happened to come across a post about some puppies and when she rang up about them it turned out to be the same breeder as where we got Tilly from. At this point i asked if we could get one but it was a no. Em and G went to have a look and feel in Love with a little girl. Over that weekend i bugged Mum and Dad and made posts and put them up everywhere and it worked they agreed to go and have a look. There where no girls left but lots of boys and i feel in love with the little boy with the green collar. So we had to wait two more weeks until we could pick them up.

SO yesterday afternoon we picked up these two little bundles of black fluff. From the left i would like you to meet Winnie who is going to join the Boothman family and on the right Bertie who is joining are family.

The boys had no idea that they where getting a puppy and after school they came round to our to find that i got a new puppy and then the next min another little came round the corner. The boys faces was priceless and they were both over the moon. Its Henrys birthday next week and he has been asking for a dog so its made his day.

We took the puppies into the garden so Tilly could meet them and she was very nervous and would not go near them and was jumping up at them but hopefully they will get used to each other over the next couple of weeks/months.

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