Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Online Classes

This year i have signed up for a couple of online classes these are mixed media ones and scrapbooking. I find online classes gd for me seeing as there is not so many in person classes near me.
 One of the mixed media class i have signed up for is a year long and its called Wanderlust and its done by Everythingart Kasia krzyminska and Jamie Avery. Here is a list of all the teacher's Starting with my gd friend Kate Crane,
Teresa Mcfayden,
Rachel Greig,
Beckah Krahula,
Joanne Sharpe,
Flora Bowley,
Andy Skinner,
Anna Dabrowski,
Brigit Koopsen,
Linsday Weiricc,
Magda Polakow,
Carolyn Dube,
Stephanie Schutze,
Mary Potapovich,
Jennifer Lee,
Leslie Wood,
Natalie Kalbach,
Roben-Maire Smith,
Rachel Urista,
Susie la fond,
Joanna Grant,
France Papillon and Karen Michel. How many awesome teachers are in that line up and then you also get classes by Kasia and Jamie talking about which are the best pens,paint brushes, paints and many more.

SO my lovely friend Kate crane was the first to weather her class and it was a little accordion travel book. Here are my pages so far all ready to put together and add extra bits to the inside.

Hopefully i will have more pictures to show you in the next couple of days.

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