Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Wiseman Family

So this past weekend i went up to Wigan to spend two days with the Wiseman Family. This consists
of Kirsty, Mark, Ellie and doggy Eddie.
I was really looking forward to going as Kirsty is the most amazing person. She's kind, caring and just all round amazing.

We went out for tea just to a little pub and we got a little lost on the way there and way back which was a little funny. Me and Kirsty shares a plate of food as we were both not really that hungry.
Had to take this pic of Kirsty spilling a bit of food down her top.

I don't know if people know but Kirsty is an amazing Photographer. In July last year for my birthday Kirsty drove to mine and she taught me how to use my camera in manual and we just had a great day. Any way Saturday night Kirsty showed me some tricks with sparklers which woz really kool

Here is Kirsty's heart about mine below looks more like two kidneys then a heart lol

Kirsty showed me how to write your name but as i went to do mine my battery decided to dye.

Ellie was so kind and gave her bed up for me. So when i went to put my things in her room look what woz waiting for me on the desk. Yes a little bag of chocolate and some soap. Now thats what you call hospitality.
Oh Kirsty is also an amazing crafter as well as a photographer and has worked with loads of craft magazines. Kirsty has also been on QVC which she did an amazing job if i don't say so myself.

Well Kirsty has got an amazing craft room which used to be her garage and i got to go and play in it. I did not know were to look as she has some kool stuff.

Kirsty woz so generous and gave me loads to come home with. 

The tags above which i woz given are now stored in a little wooded book with a couple of other tags and bits i have.
A few other bits that i came home with

Kirsty had these amazing vintage alphabet letters which she woz selling and as soon as i seen them i knew i had to have them. I can't wait to use them in some projects.

The last picture is of the canvas i start with Kirsty. When i got home i added the black circles on the back to make it a bit more dramatic

I just want to say i had an amazing weekend with the Wiseman Family and i can't wait till i get invited to go again

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