Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Be My Valentine

So I am still on my own so no big romantic dinner or roses for me this year:-( but my cousin's are over and i thought it would be nice to decorate the dinning room up. Mum decided she would do use a nice dinner and Jazz decided she would make her white chocolate and raspberry cheese cake yum yum.

Ok so first thing i want to show is this banner which i have hung above the dinning room window.

I have to say that i did not come up with the ideas for these banners. I took a online class with Margie Romney Aslett and she showed us how to make them.

As you can see from the photo there is two banners and then in the middle is a ring which i covered with pink thread. The top banner is made from loads of small cupcake holders these are in different colours Pink, White, black/pick and i added a few dollies as well.  I then punched out a hole in the middle so i could thread them all together. Every so often i added some red ribbon to break the cupcake holders up.
With the bottom banner i punched a load of different size punches and in different colours. Then i thread them though the sewing machine leaving a little gap after each one and left a bit of thread each end so they could hang.

Next come my table decoration. I made three different size lolly popstick and decorated them with Love theme. I then found an empty bucket and stuck them in. To make it look more pretty i added some star like stuff i had.

A Closer look at the Lolly sticks
I have a couple of different size jars which i filled with sweet and added ribbon to the top.

I love looking on Pinterest and cam a cross these cut Marshmallow sticks which i thought would be a great idea for my nephews. We have to be careful of what Henry eats as he has to have  dairy and wheat stuff. So these treats are great for him. I bet you are thinking but Chocolate is Dairy and yes it is but we have a little shop in are village that sells dairy free which is great.

All these are made from is Marshmallow put on a stick then dipped into melted chocolate and then dipped again in sprinkles. They make a cute little gift for parties.

As you can see from the picture below Archie enjoyed eating them as we made them

With the leftover chocolate i made the boys some cornflake cakes which went down well.

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