Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Girly Day Out

So today me and my mum had a girly day out. First we head to hobby craft to have a look round. I am in the middle of doing a calendar for myself and need something to attach the calendar on two i.e. removable adhesive or something. In the end i forgot all about it but i did come home with some hot glue for my new glue gun, three foam balls (project coming up) and a Slice Die card which woz in the sale.
Then it woz off to Meadowhall to have a little look at the sales. When we got there it woz about time for lunch so we headed to pizza express. I always have a pizza with a salad in the middle. Then we went and did a bit of shopping. We stopped for Coffee at costa which woz nice and a naughty slice of lemon cake. Mum got a hot chocolate which woz not very nice so we shared a latte. Every Christmas the Body Shop comes out with Cranberry body wash which i love. Well they had it in the sale so we stocked up on in i think we saved about £24 pound in the end. So now im going to be smelling nice for months.

When we got home we popped round to see the boys. Henry is trying to roll on his tummy now which is great. Archie likes to line all his toy men and animals on the coffee table.

I came home early with mum as i had to go to a weight watchers meeting. I woz a bit nerves as i had not been since before christmas. Went in and there woz a new lady there Julie who i know from another meeting and now she is going to be are new leader. She is great and im happy to have her. Anyway she weighed me and said i had put 2lb on and i said u sure and she re checked and she made a mistake i had stayed the same weight. So i am really happy that i have not put any weight on over Christmas. Now all i have to do is work my butt off and loss weight.

Dad decided to then take me and mum out for tea. He took us to a local pub we like which has great food. I ended up getting a fillet steak which woz yum. We did not have pudding tho we just came home.

My favourite tv show Silent witness has just started again on BBC1 which is great. We have just watched the last part of a two parter tonight and it woz gripping.

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