Monday, 2 May 2011


So when i started to go out with Shaun he introduced me to his close friend Nicky and his partner Sharon. They had just moved house so Shaun was round there alot doing jobs for Nicky as at the time he was rubbish at DIY. Anyway i ended up going round there with him and sat and chat with Sharon while Shaun did jobs. Anyway Last year they found out they were going to have a baby and they asked me and Shaun to be Godparents. I was a little taken a back as i had only know them a couple of months but they asked me anyway. Well Me and Shaun split up and i still kept in contact with Nicky and Sharon. I asked them out right if they still wanted me to be godmother as i was not with Shaun any more and guess what they still wanted me. I was so happy as no one has ever asked me before and i think its a big thing. 

 So along came 22nd November 2011 when my gorgeous Goddaughter Lexie was born. 

Well yesterday 1st May was Lexies Christening. It turned out to be a lovely sunni day. She looked so cute in her little dress. Here is a few photos of the day.

 This is the first picture i have with Lexie and i love it.
 Nicky, Sharon, me and Leixe

I just want to Thank Nicky and Sharon again for asking me.

You will probably see more photos of Lexie in up coming blog posts

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