Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Happy Birthday Mum

Well today it is Mum's birthday will not tell u her age tho or she would kill me lol. I spent the night at Mum and Dad's so i could spend the day with Mum. We decorated all the lounge with banners and had sprinkes all over the table. did not take any pics of it tho i am so bad. Me and Em spent ages wrapping her birthday presents as we went a bit over board but we wanted to shown just how much we care about her because we would be lost with out her.

This is one of the gifts i bought my Mum its a Willow Tree Figurine called Je t'aime (I love you). I had to get mum this one as she Loves heart and i loved the detail on this figurine.

Mum also got to Canvas pictures one woz of me and Em on Em's wedding day and the other one woz of Jenny my sister on the telephone. Jenny died when she woz 2 years old from cancer i love this picture cos even tho she woz young she all ready knew wot mum is like. Always on the telephone we have this joke that one day we will add superglue to it and then it will be there forever.

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