Thursday, 18 February 2010

Mixed Media

Today i had the great pleasure of been able to go and take a class by Claudine Hellmuth at Art from the heart.
I have been having a couple of panic attacks in the last month so i woz really worried that i would not be able to make it today. Thanxs to my mum who always knows wot to say i got there and had a great day. Claudine is lovely she woz chatting to me when i got there and it made me feel loads better. The class woz really good we learned loads of great techniques. Claudine showed us some great techniques which she uses on her collage work. She then gave us a free range to do wot ever we liked on a canvas.

This is wot i came up with.
First thing i did woz to cover the whole canvas with book pages. I then picked a light purple to use as my base colour. Then using the vasaline techniques which is were u rub vaseline in certain places and then using a different colour paint (Teal)going over the whole canvas. Then with a kitchen towelwipe over canvas and this will remove the paint which is sat over the vaseline.This technique will reveal the colour underneath (little purple).The flowers i just made out of tissue paper. I watched a video that Kirsty Wiseman did on you tube but she used fabric. I added a stripe of rub on numbers to the left handside along with some ribbon which i changed the colour of with paint. I love the texture of this canvas and how it comes out. This is a close up look at the flowers

Here is another canvas i did not sure if i like it as much as the first one.

If you have never tryed Claudine's paints? i would recomend them to anyone. I must say they are lovely  to work with. There are 15 colours in all but u can make over 51 with them. There is also two mediums glossy/matt and gesso.
I woz sat next to the lovely Sandra i have never meet her before but she woz so lovely. Its nice to meet new people who are also intrested in the same things as me.

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