Sunday, 17 April 2011


I have no idea where to start this post as i have got so much to say.

Let me start by saying I can't believe that i got to meet the really inspiring Donna Downey this weekend. I have been watching Donna for a long time now and i love all her work. I took Donnas class on Big picture last year and i just loved all the projects we did and learning all new techniques. So when i saw Donna was coming over to the UK i just had to get myself a place on the class. This was also going to be a big thing for me as it was in London and im not good traveling new places.

So the class i choose to take were on sunday and monday so we had to go up to London on Saturday morning. I must admit that i am not really a morning person but on Saturday i was up early doing my hair and getting everything ready. These next three pictures are of me, mum and dad waiting for the train at the station. I know the pic of me is a bit blurry but mum was taking it and she went a little wobbly.

We got to King Cross station and it was nice and sunni. First stop we made was to Costa Coffee for a drink and a bite to eat. After we went looking for are hotel we stayed in a travel lodge not far away from kings cross. The Hotel was ok for what we needed it for and that was just to sleep in really. We dropped are bags off and head out for Lunch. Just up the road was pizza express which is always nice.

I have always wanted to go to the craft show at Alexandra Palace (ally pally) but i just never got round to going. This time i was looking as the show was on at the same time as we were in London. So saturday afternoon we jumped on a train and took the free bus to Ally Pally

This picture woz on the train to Ally Pally these are my new shoes i got to go to London with and by the end of the weekend my feet were killing me. Lets just say im not were new shoes again if i am going to be walking alot.

This is the entrance to Ally Pally it was very big and inside there was big trees in areas. 

I must admit that i was a little bit sad as i have always heard that this show was very good but for me it was a let down. I would soon go the the paper craft show in Harrogate.

Here is a few photos of wot i did by from the show anyway.

Now on to Sunday the big day when i get to me my favourite artist Donna. I had booked to take two classes on the sunday. The first one was inspirational journal. Which i liked as i am always watching Donnas wednesdays inspirational journal videos which she does on her blog.
We got a journal in this class and instead of just giving us one we got to pick which one we would like.
Donna showed us how to do transfers which i was a little nerves about doing but as you can see in the picture below my flower turned out really well. The transfer was just in the background so was not ment to stand out a lot so to make it set in the page we did a white wash over it. Also in this class we got a free fountain nip and handle. I was looking that Donna choose my page to show how she writes in her journals using the fountain pen.

Just two random pictures of Donna teaching
The next class i did on Saturday was an album and inside we used Donnas iron ons from prima. There was only four of us in this class so it was really nice as we got one to one with Donna and chatted about stuff. I did not take any photos of this class but when i finishes the album i will post photos.
This class did not finish till ten at night so by the time we got back to the hotel we was really tired. 

You might be thinking what did my mum and dad get up to when i was having fun. Well lets say they did a lot of walking and had loads of coffee.

The next class was on monday morning this class was a hand made album instead of one made already .I liked this class but did not finish it as i never took any photos with me to London. This was becasue i was not sure what i would use the albums for.

A few more bits what i bought at the class

At the end of the class i gave Donna and Bill some little gifts i had got them and the kids. I got to get my photo taken with Donna but know i wish i got another one with bill as well.

I must not forget to mention Claire in this blog post as she was one of the organisers. She is a very bubbly person and was so easy to chat to. I wish we had a photo taken together but i missed out this time maybe next time.

This picture was done just round the corner from where the class was being held. It says (all you need is Love) I thought it was really kool

After my class was finished on the monday we went and had a walk round covent garden. In the next to picture are really life people who stand for ages in one spot. They do move tho when you want to have your photo taken with them.

On monday the antique market was on and if you know me you know i like any thing old. Anyway there was this stand with loads of old printing press letters. I loved it. I ended up buying the word create in different size letters will post a picture of that next post. I also got a picture one with London bridge which is kool.
Look over there its Big Ben and the London Eye
Time for a coffee break and to let are feet have a rest from all the walking
For lunch we ended up at Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant which was so kool. When we walked in i joked with mum that Jamie was there and she was like were i cant see him.

By the time we got on the train to go home we were feeling a little tired. I have got to say a big Thank You to my Mum and Dad who came with me and walked round covent garden for two days just so i could have my wish come true. They are the best parents ever.

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