Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sarahs Cards Retreat

Ok so like i promised here is a few picture from Sarah's cards retreat.
There was a composition set before the retreat even started and that was to make your own name badge. This is mine that i made of course i did not win but i liked making it.
We sat in one big room all weekend were we cropped and chatted away and then when we took are classes we went off to another room. I liked the fact that we could just leave everything were we sat and did not have to move all are stuff from one place to another.

I was sat on a newbie table so the other three ladies had not been on the retreat before.
Here is a lo that i did from the sketch challenge they set. i think it came out really well. Also i got to use my new pogo printer.

This is my room which i thought was really nice. I did bring some home comforts with me tho, my pillow and a throw as i get cold all the time.
The one funny thing about my room is that it was named as the Harrison room. This is funny as my Mums maiden name is Harrison and that weekend my mum was going of to meet the Harrisons as well (brother) I did ask why it was called that but the person did not know. Anway i thought it was very weird.

On the Saturday night there was a quiz on so we had a laugh doing that and guess what we won. Yes i know what a shock. I must admit it was mostly down to my team mates Leslie and Wendy. Here we are posing with are new stash we one. Me Leslie and Wendy
The next couple of pictures are some of the lo's they had on show. As i was looking at them i felt really inspired to create.

Now on to the shop. As you will see down the page i went a bit made in the shop.

A Big Thank You goes to these two girls Sarah and Lianne who organized everything. They made me feel very welcome to there retreat.

The next couple of picture are of the stash that i came home with. I must admit there is a lot of stuff but seeing how i don't get to scrapbook stores that much i think i did well.

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