Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sarah's card Retreat

So i am feeling a little nervous but excited as well as this weekend i am heading to Warrigton for Sarah's cards retreat. I have always shopped at Sarah's cards online shop for ages and i love the stuff they stop. The retreats i have been on before have all been mixed media stuff so never just scrapping. You would think cos i have been to retreats on my own before that i would not be nervous but no i was a little worried. It had nothing to do with the place it was being held at as i have been there before with Artsycraft. It was more to do with if i could do the lo's and if the people like me. I always worry about people not liking me and i know it isounds silly because i think i am a nice person.

I dont think i will be able to blog when i am there as i'm not sure if they have internet or not. I will blog as soon as i get back tho.

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